nathan bailey

By | October 4, 2021

This dental Office is awesome from start to finish. I recently moved back to the area and a few weeks ago I received a text message on my phone saying I had a dentist appointment?! Well, my wife had made an appointment for me without checking my schedule, as she knew I wouldn’t on my own (thank God she can’t do a Google review on me)
Well anyhow I went in and had the initial consult, which was extremely thorough and a great value to have everything explain to you in detail. Next I had my cleaning which was quick and painless and again very in-depth. Unfortunately for me after years without going to the dentist it was determined I had several cavities. Funny how that works?
I spent three hours in the dentist chair yesterday getting cavities filled and it was honestly a great experience. They take so much care and ensuring you were comfortable that I literally fell asleep for an hour.
I don’t see how you could have a better experience with a dentist office, I highly recommend this place
And Dr. Guthrie specifically.