Facing the possibility of a denture can feel overwhelming. The good news is that there are options that are far better than your standard “false teeth”. At Bedford Dental Care, we make three types of dentures: traditional dentures, snap-in implant overdentures, and fully secured implant hybrid dentures. Read below to determine which option may be right for you.


Traditional dentures are the “plates” that most people think of when they hear “denture”. They rest on the gums and rely on suction to stay in. They must be removed at night while sleeping.

Typically, the upper denture is more secure, because the roof of the mouth provides stability and better suction. Lower dentures tend to be much more problematic; the lower ridge of the bone is often thin and provides minimal stability and almost no suction.

Without teeth or implants present to stimulate the jawbone, it actually shrinks over time (much like a broken leg that atrophies under a cast). This can loosen the fit of a denture over time and many patients need to use adhesive/denture glue to prevent their denture from falling out.

Many patients find that they cannot eat some of their favorite foods with their dentures. This can be frustrating and many of these patients seek a solution with implants.


Implant overdentures utilize 2-4 implants with buttons to which the denture can “snap” into for better retention. You may also hear these referred to as “Locator overdentures”, though there are many different types and names.

The benefit of an implant overdenture is that instead of being retained solely by natural suction, these overdentures are retained by implant. You can remove them when you want them to come out. Because the implants are what holds the overdenture in place, you will not need adhesive paste!

Many patients have trouble with their lower dentures staying in place so “Snap-In” implant overdentures are an extremely popular solution for the lower arch. We find patients are the happiest and most satisfied with their denture when they are held in by implants.

If you have a denture that is not staying in place and you do not like using denture adhesive, you may be a great candidate for an implant overdenture. Once your implants are placed by our specialist, and have healed for 3-4 months, our doctors can place “buttons” onto your implants so that your denture can be snapped onto them. Like traditional dentures, overdentures should be removed while sleeping.


Implant hybrid dentures are fully secured, whole-arch tooth replacement solutions. They utilize 4-8 implants per arch, depending on your specific situation. They are much more similar to a fixed bridge than a denture – in fact, they can ONLY be removed by a dentist. Implant hybrid dentures are also called “All on 4” or “Teeth in an Hour” and they are the absolute best option for full mouth teeth replacement.

This option provides the greatest chewing ability. You will be able to enjoy more of the foods you love with an implant hybrid denture. Imagine never needing to worry about whether you can chew your steak or bite into corn on the cob!

At Bedford Dental Care, we also utilize premium materials and a world-class laboratory to provide amazing esthetics.Implant hybrids are the most life-like replacement option available in dentistry.They look and function just like teeth. And these are the only option that stays in while you sleep – no more dentures on the nightstand!

Another great aspect of this option is same-day teeth! We have the latest technology at Bedford Dental Care, which allows us to plan every single aspect of the procedure behind the scenes, so that when you come for your implant placement, you will be able to leave with your provisional hybrid denture! Technology and experience make this a predictable procedure for us – and a LIFE-CHANGING procedure for our patients!