Chelsea T

By | October 4, 2021

Bedford Dental Care far surpasses any other dental practice I have ever visited because they go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of care at every visit. During my first visit, my phenomenal hygienist helped me enroll in Health Through Oral Wellness, something my insurance offers. I probably wouldn’t have signed up on my own, but Im glad she helped me sign up because now I can get the extra benefits I need for my dental health. Having neglected to visit the dentist for over a year due to fear from my past dental disasters, I needed to have three cavities filled today. I wasn’t looking forward to this day, but honestly this procedure was a walk in the park! I am writing this review just 5 hours after the procedure, the novocaine has worn off and there is only a slight ache (which is to be expected.) I am so impressed with Dr. Guthrie and his assistant Bella. They make an excellent team and I truly felt that I was in good hands throughout the whole procedure. Numbing is always the worst part, but I could not feel those needles. At all. I was amazed! Dr. Guthrie is so kind and careful, which really put me at ease. This visit was actually relaxing, even more relaxing than some manicures and pedicures I have had! The best part about Bedford Dental Care is not having to be afraid of the dentist anymore. If you get nervous going to the dentist, give Bedford Dental Care a try. They’re the best!